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Are you tired of sex chat dating sites that leave you with blue balls?

You know what I'm talking about: you meet a chick on an expensive dating site, take her out to dinner and show her a real nice time, but when you drop her off at the end of the night, you get a half-hearted hug and a lousy kiss on the cheek.

What a fucking waste of time! We just want to fuck, but we're stuck spending all this money on dumb bitches that won't even give us a handjob!

Well friends, this is exactly why I created this blog. My name is Paul and your pussy problems are about to be over!

You might not believe it at first, but I've been pulling a bunch of hot chicks from this site. Just check out the images on the right. I never thought I would regularly hookup with cute nymphos that are totally down to fuck.

I first signed up for this site about 3 months ago because of a recommendation from an old buddy. I went out drinking with some friends one night and I was kinda mad that I hadn't gotten laid in a while. We were scoping out the bar for chicks when I saw my old friend sitting alone in the corner tapping away on his phone. I went over and gave him a hard time, since he looked like a complete loner, but he just laughed and showed me what he was doing.

The first thing I saw on his phone was a huge pair of Double-D tits. I thought he was just being a perv and looking at porn in a crowded bar, but he explained that this chick he was sexting with just sent it to him. I didn't believe him at all, but then he showed me his inbox on this site and it was COMPLETELY FILLED with sex chat messages from hotties that he banged and new girls that were interested in hooking up.

I was in shock. No offense to him, but he's nothing special to look at. Kinda short, a bit chubby...just an average looking dude living an ordinary life. But once he started showing me all of the sex pics & videos he had of the chicks he was banging, I started thinking FuckBook must be legit.

Now this is where it gets interesting. He scrolled back to the first picture, the chick with huge Double-D tits, and told me that he was going to meet her in an hour. "Let me see if she has a friend," he said.

Sure enough, this curvy bombshell had a friend that wanted to hang out. She sent us a nude pic of her friend and she was cute: a petite little brunette with some great looking legs. I was totally down, so I ditched my friends and we drove over to her place. Stopped by the liquor store for some booze and condoms, too.

We pulled up to Double-D's house and I was nervous as fuck! I took a swig off the whiskey bottle and my buddy is laughing his ass off, "Just relax man, this is easy pussy."

Knocked on the door, she let us in, and we all chilled out in the living room. I talked with my chick and she was chill and even hotter in person. Nice perky boobs to go along with that petite body...fuckin loved it.

We were only there 30 mins when my buddy walked into the bedroom with his chick. So I'm just sitting there, being kinda awkward, when all of a sudden she puts down her drink and straddles me. She smiled as she took off her top...she wasn't wearing a bra! Her perfect perky tits were in my face so I started sucking on them. She moaned and grinded against me. That's when I ripped the clothes off her and banged her HARD right on the couch!

The best part was that it wasn't weird afterwards. She was totally cool with just hooking up and never blew up my phone with a bunch of texts. It was easy and we hooked up several times after :)

After that crazy hookup, I knew i had to sign up for FuckBook. I created my profile, uploaded a couple photos, and received an adult chat message from a local chick within 5 mins of joining! I'm just a normal looking dude, but by the next day, I had 8 nearby girls hitting me up via email and instant messages with sexting pics. By the end of the first week, I fucked 2 new babes back at my place!

That was almost 3 months ago, and since then, I've banged 18 more local nymphos! It's absolutely crazy, especially since I had only slept with 4 other chicks before this site. Even if you're like me and have very little game, you will definitely get laid using this site. All you really need to do is login to your computer and write a few sexting messages to some cute girls.


It really didn't take much effort to start banging new chicks every week. These women joined this site for one reason: to sex chat & fuck! The only major thing you need to do is upload some pics. The girls won't respond to you as much if you don't have pics. They just want to make sure you're a real person and not some crazy internet weirdo.

Step 1 Tap here to view horny local babes desperate for adult chat and fucking! Free signup only takes 1 minute.

Step 2Confirm your email address so they can notify you when hotties are nearby.

Step 3Fuck as many sluts as you can while FREE registration is still open for guys!!!

FACT: A completed profile with pics results in a 65.8% greater response rate to adult chats & IMs!


Here's a pic of me

and some of my other conquests



By: HornyFuck - Mon 19th Jul 17

THANKS BRO! Just landed my first hottie last night! Way easier than I though, thanks!

By: doug - Mon 19th Jul 17

nice...i'm going to check this sex chat site sick of wasting cash on bullshit dates!

By: KingCock - Tue 20th Jul 17

take a look at my new booty call ;) she's CRAZY in bed lmao...thanks paul!

By: the_dude - Tue 20th Jul 17

glad i stumbled across your sexting blog, was a bit unsure of what site to try out at first. FuckBook is definitely the winner, just met this cute asian girl and i'm going over to her place tonight! can't wait for more sexcapades lol

By: Jake - Wed 21st Jul 17

these two are down for a threesome! FUCK YES!!!

By: BigJohn - Wed 21st Jul 17

yo, does this site have a bunch of pop ups? i tried some other adult chat sites and that bullshit slowed down my computer a lot. thanks man

By: Paul - Wed 21st Jul 17

Hey John, no need to worry: this site is totally clean. I was a little worried about it too, but I've had no problems at all with popups. I'm running a crappy old HP laptop and it loads this site really quickly.

By: DaBigBous - Wed 21st Jul 17

Hell yeah, this is my favorite : FuckBook. I've been banging bitches like these since 2009 ;)

By: J_Rock - Wed 21st Jul 17

u r a fuckin douche

By: Paul - Wed 21st Jul 17

Sure bro, I'm the douche...except while you're at home jerking off like a fuckin loser, I'm out slaying some new pussy! fuck off, troll!

By: DatAss - Wed 21st Jul 17

this free sexting site is the real deal man, i'm on FuckBook and getting all kinds of strange on the reg! quit bitching and try it out j_rock p>

By: Zer0 - Thu 22nd Jul 17

these girls are all pretty hot, but nothing compared to the latina i fucked last night... sex pics cuming soon!

By: Rich - Thu 22nd Jul 17

HEY...look at my new fuck buddy!!!

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