30[F4M] Looking for a sub/slave/sissy I can build a deep relationship with

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    Hello! I am 30 from Texas , kind of new to kink, and a student. I've been into this since i was 20 and I’ve been looking for someone i can channel all my controlling energy on.

    I've also been a sub with a some partners in the past but am now trying to exercise my dominant side. I'm a caring domme, but this won’t be fun if you’re not ready to submit to me fully. So I expect a total respect and submission from you.

    My interests include chastity,humiliation and some others like feminization/sissy play. I also enjoy body worship/foot worship. Chastity is my main kink but I’d give you many options to choose from and I’d love to explore you more depending on your kinks. I'm definitely wanting to have an IRL relationship with someone soon. Send me a message describing yourself and what you’re into in the dm if you’re interested.

    Snapchat: mistress_roxy30

    Kik: Raye334